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This years 2022 Erie County 4h Charity Hog to benefit Paula S Cousins Ovarian  &  Endometrial Cancer Foundation Inc or also known as Paula’s Promise, will be sold at the Youth Livestock Sale.

Some history, every year the Erie Co 4h program raises a charity hog to give back to the community/non profits.  The charity hog rotates yearly between the existing clubs.  It is the responsibility of the  club to cover any cost associated with the hog, pick a charity of the clubs choice, raise, show and sell it during the Youth Livestock Sale.  The charity of choice receive the proceeds from the sale  and the highest bidder pays for the hog, butchering cost (unless donated)and then receives the pork obtain from the hog. 
This years club is True Grit 4h Club and  Paula’s Promise was graciously picked as the charity of choice by the club’s 4h members.   The charity hog “Promise”  will be sold at the Waterford Fair Youth Livestock Sale, Sept 8th, 2022.  The charity hog is given 10 minutes to sell introduce  the charity and have the celebrity auctioneer sell the hog to the highest bidder! 
The following list are those that have helped  or will help with the raising of the hog:
Club: True Grit 4H Club
Housing & Raised by: Aubrey & Levi Robertson
Shown by: Aubrey Robertson
Feed: Locke’s Custom Meats
Hog: Raisin Ranch Farm purchased the hog, Promise
Bedding: Small Guys Feed Store:
Celerity Auctioneer: Dan Douglas of Union Overdrive ( Dan is the cousin to Paula Cousins and just recently had their first single release “She’s Home”, check them out on Facebook)
Please save the date and fill your freezer with quality pork!   Also available during the sale is goat, sheep, hogs, and steers. These kids work hard to raise the best quality meat around! So much time, sweat, sometimes tears goes into raising these animals. Your support of these kids would be greatly appreciated! You are not only filling your freezer with top quality meat but also investing in the future of young entrepreneurs. Price is sold as live hanging weigh per pound.
Opening Ceremony start at 5:45pm to recognized outgoing senior members. The bidding starts at 6:00. The line  up of the auction (subject to change)  is goats, sheep, hogs and steers.  However, an exact time can not be given on the charity hog as it depends on number of animals and bidders. 
Please register prior to start of sale. 
Members of Paula’s Promise will be available to speak with prior to the auction. 
More info to come!

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