Paula S Cousins Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Foundation was started in 2019 after Paula in 2018 was diagnosed with a rare form of Ovarian and Endometrial Cancers. In her quest after her diagnosis for any and all information about these deadly cancers, she learned very quickly there was not much to be given. Out of sadness, anger, and the shear will to survive the most deadly gynecological cancer to women, Paula’s Promise was born. At that exact moment, she made a promise to herself and to unsuspecting women who were not aware of the signs and symptoms like herself that that was unacceptable and had to change. At that moment she made a” Promise” to raise awareness and “promise” that NO ONE should fight alone. She used her experience of ignoring her body, and the endless months of cancer treatment, learning the little things that help make the journey a little easier along the way so that other women may not see the same fate. With the help of her amazing family and friends Paula’s Promise was born.