In Memory of Sandy Raines (1957-2019)

What is a mentor? Men-tor (noun) an experienced and trusted adviser.  Sandy Raines was, and continues to be my mentor, in fact she was more than that, I am proud and humbled to say that she was my friend. The first time I met Sandy was after I was diagnosed with Ovarian and Endometrial cancer.  I was instantly drawn to her light, and her courage. She shared the fact with me that there is so much more work to be done in our fight.  In fact she radiated the power, strength, and  determination that the Ovarian cancer community, and myself so desperately needed. We shared a common bond in our passion, and frustration about the lack of information and wanting to raise more awareness for the other women’s cancers. To use our experiences as life lessons to other women. I was amazed by her spirit and used her strength as part of my inspiration in starting this foundation. Shortly after our first meeting, she was diagnosed with a recurrence of Ovarian cancer, which unfortunately happens more often than not. To say she fought with all of her might is an understatement. Unfortunately, Sandy lost her courageous battle with ovarian cancer on July 7, 2019. Her amazing husband Bill of 43 years is one of our biggest supporters, and I am forever grateful to him for letting Sandy’s light continue to shine through us. To my friend, my mentor, Sandy we say please rest easy, we have it from here, and I thank you for being my light through the darkness.