Inconceivable Truths

Inconceivable Truths

The “Inconceivable” Truths About Ovarian Cancer and Lynch Syndrome

One of the downsides of Ovarian Cancer many people don’t know, consider, or think

about is the incapability of a woman to conceive a child. The “inconceivable” truth is that

we as women are faced with the decision that no matter how much we want a child of our

own, in a split second upon hearing “I’m so sorry… you have Ovarian Cancer” the

decision in that moment is made for us.

The same being true with the diagnosis of Lynch syndrome, also known as

non-polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC). Lynch Syndrome is an incurable hereditary

cancer syndrome that causes an increased risk of developing certain types of cancers

such as colon, rectal, stomach, small intestine, liver, gallbladder duct, upper urinary tract,

brain, skin, prostrate, and last, but not least women diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome

have a higher risk of Ovarian and Endometrial/Uterine cancers. The main reason we

promote genetic testing is so that you can know your risks and make informed decisions

that could possibly save your life, and the lives of generations to come.

Lynch Syndrome DOES NOT skip a generation and the chance of passing on the gene

mutation is 50% and the recommendation usually for women is a hysterectomy .

Some women with Lynch Syndrome either already have been diagnosed with a

gynecological cancer and have had life saving surgery of removal of her reproductive

organs, or have made the difficult decision of not having children for the fear of passing

the gene in to the next generation, sparing a child of the life changing diagnosis of


So these are just some of the hard “INCONCEIVABLE” truths that so many women face

every day. It is heartbreaking and devastating for women such as myself. No matter how

much we may long for a child of our own, sometimes it’s the hand we are dealt and the

house will more times than not win.

A Letter to the Baby I Could Never Conceive

My dearest baby, oh how I wish we could have gotten the chance to meet. I know in my heart there would have been no greater love than our hearts beating as one. I am so sorry you never had the chance at life, and all the wonders it has to offer.

I picture your face, your eyes, your smile. Every single little detail about you. How your giggle and laughter would light up the room and I just know you would be the apple of everyone’s eyes. I picture so clearly large dimples so deep on each cheek that it could fit all the wonders of the world in them and could bring a smile to the most faint hearted of people. Those little eyes I can just see them now reaching the very depth of my soul to find a love so great, that it would last for all of eternity.

Please know that you were very much wanted and at times almost needed to fill an emptiness so great, that at times it physically hurt.. I can see you growing up to be a kind, generous and amazing human being that would bring nothing but joy in all the paths you would have crossed. Oh my how beautiful you would be.

I apologize for not writing to you sooner, I was so afraid if I said these things out loud then it would be final. Dear Lord how can it be final? I cry out telling Him, but I have so much love to give this life that would never be!! That it must… has to be a mistake! No one hears me cry for you enough tears to fill an ocean, or even know about the child that would never become. Life takes us down roads, even if the trip we had mapped out in our minds takes us on the path most traveled. Alas I know for you and I, God had other plans to take us on the path least traveled . I hope that He will let us meet some day, my beautiful child that was never meant to be.

With eternal love my baby,